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The Poodle Club of America Foundation Inc. is a non-profit, charitable corporation dedicated to the health and future of Poodles. Thanks to the generosity of our founders and ongoing donors, we provide financial and other support for charitable, educational and research efforts for dogs in general and Poodles in particular. Take a look around the site for more on our work and (see Samples Needed) how you can help us give something back to this breed that gives us so much.

Looking for a Poodle Puppy?

Searching for an addition to your family?  Good breeders are devoted to producing happy healthy puppies, of course, and this devotion includes routine health screening of potential parents.  For health tests currently recommended by the Poodle Club of America, click here: Poodle Health Screening 2020.  For help finding breeders of Toy, Miniature and Standard Poodles in your area, contact PCA’s breeder referral liaisons: //poodleclubofamerica.org/breeder-referral/

PCA Foundation News

February, 2023: The 2023 National Specialty is just around the corner!  It will be held again at the beautiful Purina Farms in Gray Summit, MO, from April 22 – April 28, 2023.
As in years past, the Foundation will once again host a Seminar on Tuesday, April 25.  Please visit the “Seminars” page for full details!
In addition, the Foundation will offer a OFA (CERF) Eye Clinic on Tuesday from 12 Noon – 5PM onsite.  The cost will be $50 for your annual CERF Exam!  Please contact Tom Carneal at twcarneal@gmail.com to pre register, or you can register Monday, April 24 at the PCA Foundation Table at the Event Center.  Walk ins on Tuesday will be welcome, based on availability!

The Foundation needs you Donations!
We received the following EXCITING update from Dr. Gustavo Aguirre, University of Pennsylvania this month!!  Please read this VERY interesting update from Dr. Aguirre who has done extensive Canine Eye Research, and consider a donation to the Foundation so that we can further support this vital research!!  Any amount is helpful and greatly appreciated!  PCAF Affiliate Club Letter 2-2023

“Recent studies during the past 6 months were able to trace the ‘origin’ of the disease to a common female born in 1888. Every dog that we have identified, either Standard Poodles, or the so-called ‘Doodles’ with Standard Poodles ancestry all trace back to this one female. For those interested in anthropology, this is comparable to the ‘Eve’ in Africa. While this is an interesting finding in and of itself, it really has important application to diseases such a polymicrogyria (PMG) which has a very varied clinical presentation with different gradations of severity. We are using this approach to identify potential affected dogs that may have a very mild clinical disease, but because of cost, the gold standard for the disease diagnosis-MRI-has not been done. This will increase the sample size for the study and get us to the goal line-finding the gene and mutation. We are almost there.”
The Board also received this report outlining in detail the areas of progress being made!  Poodle_Report_1-31-23

Genetic Testing Discounts 2023:
Paw Print Genetics has reinstated a 50% discount code for the fancy, effective immediately, and good through December 31, 2023. Please use discount code PCA50 when submitting your order!

November, 2022:  Paw Print Genetics is having it’s Best sale of the year for testing discounts!  Save 50% off any order of diseases, colors and traits! That’s only $40 or less per test with code: BARK50.  Sale will end November 30th, 2022, at midnight Pacific Time. Exclusions apply.  Visit www.pawprintgenetics.com for full details, and have a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

April, 2022: Now’s a good time to get your DNA testing done!  Several familiar DNA testing companies are offering a PCA National Specialty discount.  See the discounts and effective dates here:  PCAF 2022 DNA Testing Discounts

January, 2022:  Here comes PCA 2022!  The PCA Foundation will be holding health testing clinics and hosting an exciting seminar offered at no charge to those who attend.  Check the schedule for more information:  PCAF 2022 Seminar and Health Testing. We hope to see you in April at Purina Farms! April 22 update:  The heart clinic must be cancelled for lack of pre-registrations.  The eye clinic will proceed as scheduled on Tuesday, April 26, 2022.

November, 2021:  PCAF has made a new donation as a sponsor of the AKC CHF Epilepsy Research Initiative.  We are very pleased to help support this Initiative’s promising studies aimed at helping Poodles and other dogs living with epilepsy. 

October, 2021: Some Good News for PCA’s October National Specialty: The Foundation is happy to report that OptiGen/Wisdom Health, VetGen and Paw Print Genetics have granted us a National Specialty discount on orders placed from October 25 thru November 30, 2021 (check Embark discount dates below) for DNA health tests of Poodles.
OPTIGEN/WISDOM HEALTH: A 15% discount off regular price for the Optimal Selection panel of DNA tests for breeders.  Use discount code PCANationals2021 at checkout.
VETGEN: A discount price of $45/each per health test (regular price $55), and $45 for first color test and $20 each for additional color tests on the same dog.  VetGen’s shopping cart doesn’t currently have code capability at checkout, so after placing your order, email Ann at vetgen@vetgen.com to get a rebate applied to your payment method.
PAW PRINT GENETICS: 50% off your order (excludes parentage and DNA profiling).  Use code PCA50 at checkout.
EMBARK: Starting Oct 18th, use promo code PCA2021 to get $30 off the Embark for Breeders Dog DNA Kit (specialty price: $119 per kit, normally $149). Offer expires November 3rd,  Embark is also offering a special of $99 (regular price $149) for first-time customers ordering the Embark for Breeders test kit.  Use code TRYEMBARK99.


September, 2021: PCA Foundation Seminar Postponed.  Given the current surge of Covid-19, PCAF announces with regret that we are moving our annual PCAF Seminar from October 27 to April 26 at PCA’s 2022 National Specialty.  We considered presenting a virtual seminar only, but one of the things we like about Dr. Voelkl, our featured speaker, is her passion for talking with breeders in person, and she intends to stay for her entire seminar day so she can chat informally with Poodle people.  She has confirmed the date!  October Update: Our eye and heart clinics have also been moved to April 26, PCA 2022.  The ophthalmologist and cardiologist have confirmed.

2021 Standard Poodle Survey:  As you may know, our PCA Foundation is funding research on Addison’s disease in Standard Poodles.  And you can help!  Along with their study of genetics, Dr. Friedenberg and his team will assess possible environmental influences and have developed a survey to help them.  If you look around your place and can see a Standard Poodle, please take the survey!   And please share this widely.  Here’s Dr. Friedenberg’s introduction and link to the survey:

“The canine genetics group at the University of Minnesota is evaluating whether certain environmental exposures are more common in dogs with Addison’s disease compared to dogs without Addison’s disease. By learning more about these environmental factors, we hope to develop strategies to decrease the risk of developing Addison’s disease. At this time, we are seeking owners of Standard Poodles that live in either the United States or Canada to participate in our survey. The survey is for dogs with Addison’s disease OR dogs without Addison’s disease – so any Standard Poodle owner can participate! Please find the survey link below, and email Amy Treeful (tree0002@umn.edu) with any questions. Thank you in advance for your help and participation.”  


Winter 2021: New Grant to AKC CHF for Hemangiosarcoma Research:  Already among sponsors of the AKC CHF Hemangiosarcoma Research Initiative, PCAF has donated additional funding to support critical research on this common and deadly cancer.

Winter 2021 PCAF Grant to Support Bloat Research: With PCAF funding, University of Florida researchers recently assessed a simple device to keep the stomach decompressed while a bloating dog is transported for bloat surgery.  Results were published in the November 1, 2019 Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, and the researchers expect that this device will soon be available at any veterinary clinic.  Now the Foundation has awarded a new grant to this team for assessing technology being used in humans to assess blood flow, potentially providing more precise guidance on what stomach tissue can be saved during bloat surgery and what is dying and must be removed—currently a judgment call.

Thinking About Christmas Gifts for Poodle People?  Don’t forget the Poodle note cards available as fundraiser for PCAF’s work.  Here are the eight cards Tom Carneal had printed so far (at his own expense, as a PCAF donation).  Card and envelope come in a plastic protector, have dog names and a little info, plus art/photo credit (we got permissions), on the back.  They are $2.00 each or a special price of $12 for the complete set of eight.  You can send your order and a check written to the PCA Foundation to Tom at 25904 State Hwy. EE, Maryville, MO 64468.  Email: twcarneal@gmail.comPoodle Note Cards 1-4   Poodle Note Cards 5-8

New Research on Whether/When to Spay-Neuter:  Reporting in the July 7, 2020 Frontiers in Veterinary Science,  Dr. Benjamin Hart and colleagues at UC Davis looked at whether/when to spay or neuter in different breeds.  Health impacts and the team’s recommended timing varied a lot depending on breed, and some results were quite dramatic, such as recommending spay/neuter only after 2 years of age for both dogs and bitches in Boxers and German Shepherds.  For Poodles, the researchers found no increase in risk of joint disorders and cancer for different ages females were spayed in any Poodle variety (shown as “choice” in the report) but recommended “choice” only for male Toys and recommended beyond 11 months for owners wanting to neuter Miniature boys and beyond two years for Standard dogs.  PCAF did not fund this research but shares it here because it is an important and controversial topic among those who live with dogs.  The work was funded in part by Versatility in Poodles and the AKC Canine Health Foundation.

Link to study:


Spring 2020 Purina Poodle Update Features PCAF-Supported Research on Poodle Eye Disorders:  Here’s an electronic copy of Purina’s Poodle Update included in the latest issue of Poodle Variety.  Please share far and wide.  Purina Poodle Update Spring 2020

Transition of OptiGen to Wisdom Health (Mars) is still under way, and Wisdom’s tech team is still working to get the new Day Blindness/Retinal Degeneration (DB/RD) test on their panel.  For now the test is available a la carte at breeder.wisdompanel.com.  So far DB/RD has only been recognized in Standard Poodles.  While it seems uncommon, research principal investigator Dr. Gustavo Aguirre says the disorder appears to be getting more common, and the DNA test for this simple recessive disorder is a valuable tool for breeders who have had dogs with vision problems first apparent in daylight.

We expect that the DB/RD test will be added to Wisdom’s panel soon, and Dr. Aguirre’s team will soon  publish their discovery of the DB/RD mutation and DNA test development.  Then we can expect that other companies such as VetGen, Paw Print and embark will start offering a DNA test too.

May 1, 2020  Poodle Note Cards Available as Fundraiser for PCAF Work:   PCAF Board member Tom Carneal had an idea for note cards featuring historic poodles, and we planned to make these available at our PCA table this year.  Here are the eight cards Tom has so far, and his print company did a beautiful job (at Tom’s own expense, as a PCAF donation).  Card and envelope come in a plastic protector, have dog names and a little info, plus art/photo credit (we got permissions), on the back.  They are $2.00 each or a special price of $12 for the complete set of eight.  You can send your order and a check written to the PCA Foundation to Tom at 25904 State Hwy. EE, Maryville, MO 64468.  Email: twcarneal@gmail.com.   Card scans:  Poodle Note Cards 1-4 Poodle Note Cards 5-8

April, 2020: Some good news!  Our 2020 PCA seminar speaker Dr. Voelkl has confirmed that she can join us in 2021.  Dr. Moore and Dr. Marshall have also confirmed for their eye and heart clinics.  

March 15, 2020  PCAF Plans Going Forward From Cancellation of PCA 2020:  Along with all the Poodle world, we are heartbroken but agree with the decision to cancel PCA 2020 in light of the coronavirus situation.  Here are PCAF current plans for this year and next:  Dedication donations to be listed in this year’s catalog will be now published in next year’s catalog.  We’ll be sending out the new Purina Poodle Update on eye diseases research as soon as it’s published, as well as updates on Addison’s disease (Dr. Friedenberg had planned to give us an update live at the seminar) and the UC-Davis study on back problems.  We’re checking with Dr. Voelkl, our featured 2020 seminar speaker, and our heart and eye clinic specialists to be sure their calendars will allow them to join us next year.  

December, 2019:  Here comes PCA 2020!  You’re invited to our PCA Foundation events in April at Purina Farms.  Check out the schedule here: PCAF 2020 Seminar and Health Testing.

September, 2019: Poodle Research Needs Your Help.  Please take a look at the summary of PCAF-funded research needing samples.  Even if you don’t have a dog with one of the health problems being studied, you may be able to help.  Do you share life with a healthy Standard Poodle age 5 or older?  Your Poodle could become part of the “normal control” group that helps researchers search for genes possibly involved in Addison’s disease. PCA Foundation Research 2019

August, 2019:  The AKC Canine Health Foundation held its biennial Parent Club Conference August 9-11 in St. Louis.  Leading veterinary scientists from around the country brought their audience up to date on some current research to benefit our dogs.  You can read summaries of their presentations here: AKC CHF Parent Club Conference 2019

Summer, 2019: Standard Poodle Breeders, have you heard of DB/RD and the DNA test that allows breeders to avoid this form of blindness?  Although DB/RD isn’t a new disorder, it may be getting more common, and breeders/owners should consider the possibility of DB/RD if a dog experiences vision problems in daylight.   Read more here from the OptiGen site: Day Blindness-Retinal Degeneration in Standard Poodles.

May, 2019: Promising Research on MCT Oil Treatment for Epilepsy: Being among breed-club sponsors of the AKC CHF Epilepsy Research Initiative, PCAF receives progress reports on Initiative studies.  Here’s a promising interim report on research using MCT oil to treat dogs whose epilepsy cannot be controlled by medication. Epilepsy MCT Progress Report 2019

April, 2019:  If you got to PCA this year, you may have picked up a copy of the Spring 2019 Purina Poodle Update, which features PCA Foundation-funded research on possible genetics of epilepsy in our breed.  If not, you can read it here: Purina Poodle Update Spring 2019.

March, 2019: PCAF Donates Funding for Hemangiosarcoma Research:  The PCA Foundation has donated funding to help support the AKC CHF Hemangiosarcoma Research Initiative.  More than 40 breed clubs have become sponsors of this initiative aimed at ending the toll of one of the deadliest canine cancers.  For more information on this important work, click here: //akcchf.org/canine-health/top-health-concerns/canine-cancer/hemangiosarcoma/hemangiosarcoma-initiative.html.

Here Comes PCA 2019: We hope you can join us April 16 for our annual PCA Foundation Seminar offered at no cost to those who attend. This year we are pleased to welcome Pat Hastings presenting her renowned seminar “Structure in Action: Makings of a Durable Dog” with an emphasis on state-of-the breed in Poodles.  Read more on our PCA schedule here:  PCAF 2019 Seminar and Health TestingMay, 2019 UPDATE: Our Pat Hastings seminar was a tremendous success and included a three-hour hands-on session evaluating structure in adult Poodles of all varieties.  Watch for a newsletter article on Pat’s summary of findings from the Poodle litters she has evaluated and what we as breeders can do to continue improving structure of our dogs.  Pat was interviewed for the Spring 2018 Purina Poodle Update on the importance of conformation: Purina Poodle Update Spring 2018.

May, 2018: Samples Needed for New Study on Back Problems in Poodles. PCAF has awarded funding to UC-Davis for a new study investigating genetics involved in back problems of Poodles.  Led by Dr. Danika Bannasch, a leading canine geneticist and featured speaker at our PCAF seminar in April, the study will focus on causes of intervertebral disc herniation, a painful condition often requiring expensive surgery.  For more on this work and how you can help, click here: UC-Davis Study on Back Problems in Poodles.

March, 2018:  Several new studies need cheek-swab samples for research to benefit our breed, and of course participation is free and confidential.  Please help if you can!  Possible Genetics of Bloat in Standard Poodles: Researchers at UC Davis need samples from  dogs that have bloated as well as from dogs who haven’t and have no close relatives who bloated. A recent Fred Hutchinson study found mutations in several genes that predispose Great Danes to bloat/torsion, but whether these findings apply to other breeds (or if different genes may be involved) remains to be seen.  Contact Laura Bernier (bernierl@yahoo.com) for more information.  Genes that May Increase Risk of Epilepsy in Poodles:  Studies looking for a simple genetic explanation for epilepsy have come up empty.  Now a University of Missouri team is using the latest technology to search for genes that may each ramp up nerve activity a bit too much until you reach a tipping point into seizures.  A recent PCAF grant has extended their work to our breed, and samples are needed from Poodles of any variety with epilepsy.  Please contact Liz Hansen at hansenl@missouri.edu.  Genetic Diversity in Toy Poodles: The UC Davis researchers who developed genetic diversity profiles for Miniature and Standard Poodles are using remaining PCAF funds to extend this work to Toy Poodles.  Barbara Hoopes at Colgate U is coordinating sample collection (bhoopes@colgate.edu).

Here Comes PCA 2018  We hope you can join us for our free annual PCA Foundation Seminar Tuesday, April 17.  This year we’re excited to welcome Dr. Danika Bannasch, a leading canine geneticist and excellent speaker, to talk about state-of-the-art in breeding healthy dogs.  Read more here: PCAF 2018 Seminar and Health Testing.  

2017 Busy Funding Year for PCAF  This past year, the Foundation was pleased to provide new support for several important research initiatives.  Read more here: PCAF 2017 Funding Year

2017 Report on Chronic Hepatitis Research  Dr. David Twedt has shared results of his PCAF-funded study on chronic hepatitis in Standard Poodles, along with his advice to breeders and owners:  Hepatitis Update 2017

Fall, 2017: Purina Poodle Update Features PCAF-funded Research on Addison’s Disease.  Many thanks to Purina Poodle Update editor Barbara Fawver for showcasing this important research.  Dr. Friedenberg will give a progress report at our 2018 PCA Foundation Seminar in April at PCA.  Click here to read the article: Purina Poodle Update Addison’s Disease

August, 2017: AKC CHF Health Conference Held in St. Louis.  The bi-annual AKC CHF National Parent Club Canine Health Conference sponsored by Purina was held August 11-13, 2017 and gave attendees updates from leading researchers on topics ranging from cancer to epilepsy to emerging infectious diseases to canine reproduction and more.  See abstracts of presentations here: CHF Conference Abstracts 2017.

August, 2017: More Samples Needed for Study on Genetics of Inherited Cataracts. PCAF has just received a request from Dr. Aguirre’s team.  They need more samples for their study of inherited cataracts in Toys and Minis, and they are also accepting samples from Standards.  For more on inherited cataracts and how you can help, here is a summary with sample collection info from Dr. Leonardo Murgiano.  Samples Needed for Cataract Research. 

June, 2017: Progress in Research on Inherited Eye Diseases.  The Foundation has received a progress report from Dr. Aguirre’s team studying Optic Nerve Hypoplasia, Micropapilla and Cataracts in Miniature and Toy Poodles.  The report not only discusses advances in this work but also updates info on the Day Blindness/Retinal Degeneration mutation the team discovered in Standard Poodles.  A DNA test for the DB/RD mutation is now available from OptiGen and allows breeders to avoid producing affected puppies by never breeding two carriers to each other. Dr. Aguirre Progress Report 6-30-17.

May, 2017: New PCAF Grant for Poodle Epilepsy Research. The Foundation has awarded funding for an exciting new study seeking genes possibly involved in epilepsy.  Read more here: New Epilepsy Study

PCA Update, April 15, 2017:  Dr. Steve Friedenberg will attend PCA April 24 and 25 to take samples from potential study participants and answer questions about his team’s University of Minnesota study on possible genetics involved in Addison’s disease.  He will present a brief update at the PCA Foundation Seminar Tuesday, April 25 at 9:30 a.m. in the Purina Theater/Visitor Center.  We’ll also have a brief update on genetic diversity testing, followed by Jane Killion’s acclaimed program Puppy Culture, helping breeders and owners do the right thing at the right time to ensure the best possible outcomes for puppies.  Hope you can join us!

PCA Clinics Update April 14, 2017: Don’t forget to take advantage of Dr. Seth Koch’s OFA/CERF eye exam clinic and the blood-draw clinic for OptiGen prcd-PRA testing (National Specialty discount) both from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday, April 25 in the Service Center near the main Purina Event Center.  Wednesday’s blood-draw clinic had to be cancelled, but you can get OptiGen swab kits and prcd-PRA testing forms all week at the PCA Foundation table in the Event Center.  You’ll also find kits for vWD, Neonatal Encephalopathy and Degenerative Myelopathy DNA testing at special prices.  Look for the PCAF banner. 

PCA Update, April 12, 2017: We have a surprise donation of a lovely quilt just completed by Joe and Barb Claude with poodle embroidery by their friend Pat Hogan. They would like the quilt auctioned as a fundraiser for the PCA Foundation in memory of their poodles Jaimee and Boomer. Tom Carneal already has a sealed bid of $600 and is happy to take additional bids (twcarneal@gmail.com)  before the quilt is auctioned at Thursday’s PCA Blue Ribbon Dinner.  Here are a couple photos.  Many thanks to Joe and Barb! 



Feb. 2017: More Samples Needed for Addison’s Study  Dr Steven Friedenberg, leader of the PCAF-funded research searching for genes involved in Addison’s disease, has asked us to let Poodle people know his team still needs samples from Standard Poodles with Addison’s.  Shipping costs are covered by the study grant.  Dr. Friedenberg is now at the University of Minnesota, and you can reach him by email at fried255@umn.edu.  For more information, go to //z.umn.edu/addisons.

Looking Back at 2016:  You can sum it up as Lots of Progress!  For example,  PCAF-funded researchers led by Dr. Aguirre recently announced that they have found the mutation causing day blindness/retinal degeneration in Standard Poodles, and a DNA test is now offered by OptiGen.  This team is also closing in on genetics of optic nerve hypoplasia and forms of inherited cataracts in Minis and Toys.  For a preview of our 2017 PCA catalog letter, click here: Another Exciting Year for the Foundation.

Here Comes PCA 2017:  PCA’s first National Specialty at Purina Farms is on the horizon, and PCAF is pleased to welcome seminar speaker Jane Killion, who will present her acclaimed program Puppy Culture on Tuesday, April 25.  Hope you can join us!  For more on seminar and health testing during PCA week:  PCAF 2017 Seminar and Health Testing.

What You Need to Know in 2016 About Vaccines and Vaccination:  Missed Dr. Richard Ford’s terrific presentation at this year’s PCA Foundation Seminar in Salisbury?  Click here for his handout on vaccines and guidelines: 2016 Canine Vaccines and Vaccination.

2015 Parent Club Health Conference:  The AKC Canine Health Foundation held its biannual health conference in St. Louis, featuring specialists presenting updates on the latest research to improve lives of our dogs.  For a summary of these fascinating presentations, click here for a PCA newsletter article:  CHF Conference Newsletter 2015.

2015 PCAF Grants for New Research on Bloat and Genetics of PRA:  PCAF has donated funding for two recently announced studies with potential to benefit Poodles.  At the University of Florida, researchers are evaluating a minimally invasive catheter technique for continuous decompression of the stomach in a dog suffering bloat.  Initial results are promising to prevent re-inflation of the stomach while the dog is transported to a hospital capable of bloat surgery, thus preventing further damage.  In another new study, researchers at the Animal Health Trust  are looking at genetics of forms of PRA (other than prcd-PRA) that can affect many breeds, including Poodles.  This work is a collaborative effort among breed clubs and the AKC Canine Health Foundation and has the potential to identify mutations and develop DNA tests similar to the one for prcd-PRA that is now widely used by Toy and Miniature Poodle breeders.

Diversity Project to Study Toy and Miniature Poodles:  PCAF has awarded a 2015 grant of $25,000 to UC Davis for expansion of the diversity project (see below) to include Toy and Miniature Poodles.  Many thanks to all who have made donations dedicated to this important work!

New Project on Diversity in Standard Poodles:  PCAF is very pleased to contribute funding for a new project investigating genetic diversity in Standard Poodles and how diversity relates to health, as well as creating an opportunity for breeders wanting to maximize diversity.  Important potential benefits of this work include, for example, allowing breeders to compare genetic profiles of two possible mates and find out whether a low COI by pedigree really reflects relatedness of the two dogs.  For more, go to www.vgl.ucdavis.edu/services/dog/GeneticDiversityInStandardPoodles.phpProject leader is Dr. Niels Pedersen at UC Davis, whose PCAF-funded research has been comparing diversity of Standard Poodles in the UK and United States and investigating the genetics of sebaceous adenitis and other autoimmune diseases.

Dr. Pedersen and his colleagues also have analyzed genomes of Miniature Poodles as a potential “control” group for the SA research if they were identical to Standards except for size.  You may be surprised (or not) that results showed Minis and Standards are genetically distinct!  The SA and autoimmune disease research is now scrutinizing a group of genes implicated in autoimmunity in humans.  You can scroll down here to find Dr. Pedersen’s reports on his team’s work, and please check our “Samples Needed” page to see how you can help if you have a Standard Poodle with an autoimmune disorder. 

New Donations for Poodle Health, August, 2014:  PCAF has recently donated funding to the Rabies Challenge Fund and CHF Canine Athlete Initiative. The Rabies Challenge Fund aims to establish a scientific foundation for extending legally required rabies booster intervals to 5 or 7 years for dogs. Further, for the first time, the study’s rabies titer data should allow laws to incorporate clauses on rabies titers. Well known to Poodle people are co-trustee Dr. Jean Dodds and principal investigator Dr. Ron Schultz, who spoke on vaccination at the 2010 PCAF Seminar in Salisbury.

Our other new donation supports the AKC Canine Health Foundation’s new research in regenerative medicine. The CHF Canine Athlete Initiative has launched a landmark study to evaluate platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and stem cells as treatment for the most common sporting injury in dogs, supraspinatus tendinopathy (similar to rotator cuff injury in humans). These injuries commonly progress to chronic pain and lameness. At the CHF National Parent Club Health Conference in St. Louis last summer, the study’s co-investigator Dr. Sherman Canapp gave a presentation that included video of exciting early results with this approach.

New Fundraiser Supports PCAF:  Many thanks to Charlotte Mitchell for organizing a new PCAF fundraiser, the Run Jump Challenge Fund, offering an opportunity to support the Foundation while celebrating achievements in performance events.  For more, click here: Run Jump Challenge Fund.

Savant Harris a Hit at 2014 PCA Foundation Seminar: Myra Savant Harris, RN, reports that she very much enjoyed her seminar in Salisbury, and we had lots of positive feedback from the audience, with comments such as “sensational” and “priceless.”  If you missed this session, check Myra’s site (www.myrasavantharris.com) for info on her upcoming seminars at other locations.  You can also find her wit, expertise and wisdom on canine reproduction, whelping and puppy intensive care in her books, available at her site and from online book sellers. 

New Research in 2014 on Genetics of Eye Disorders in Toy and Miniature Poodles: The Foundation is excited to fund new research to identify gene defects involved in three inherited eye conditions in Poodles: Optic Nerve Hypoplasia, Micropapillae, and Hereditary Cataracts. This project is a partnership between OptiGen and the University of Pennsylvania and is led by Dr. Gustavo Aguirre. Of course, Dr. Aguirre is well known in the Poodle world for PCAF-supported research that identified the gene mutation causing prcd-PRA and led to a DNA test that allowed Poodle breeders to end the toll of prcd-PRA blindness on our breed.  Of course, like all research to benefit Poodles, this study needs samples to succeed.  Go to www.optigen.com and click on the Research button to see how you can help.  Many thanks to all who already submitted samples!

New Study on Genetic Basis of Addison’s Disease in Standard Poodles

PCAF has awarded a 2014 grant to North Carolina State University researchers searching for genes possibly linked to Addison’s disease in Standard Poodles. The team needs samples from dogs with Addison’s and dogs over age 10 who do not have Addison’s. They are especially interested in samples from “trios,” a dog that has Addison’s disease and both of its parents.  For more information, check //z.umn.edu/addisons.

Calling All Mini Dwarfism Kits from PCA Week: At PCA 2013, to support breeders and help researchers complete their study of Miniature Poodle Dwarfism, the Foundation sponsored and distributed free DNA test kits for the mutation causing this stunting and crippling disorder. In a tremendous response from Poodle people, we gave out 400 kits! If you have any of the kits, please swab those mouths. You can help the researchers finish their work so they can report their results back to you.

National Parent Club Health Conference: The AKC Canine Health Foundation held its 2013 National Parent Club Canine Health Conference August 9-11 in St. Louis, Missouri. Leading specialists from around the country presented the latest research on an array of canine health issues. For an article that appeared in the PCA newsletter about some conference highlights, click here: CHF Conference 2013.  AKC CHF will be posting presentations as webinars, and you can “virtually” be there listening to a speaker. For example, posted at www.akcchf.org/webinars, is the exciting conference presentation “Regenerative Medicine to Treat Orthopedic Injuries in Dogs.”

Samples Needed for Research to Defeat Cancer: At the April, 2013 PCA Foundation seminar, leading cancer researcher Dr. Matthew Breen told his audience about today’s exciting advances in the fight against canine cancer and how purebred dogs are helping researchers understand cancer in humans. As Dr. Breen pointed out, our role in this work is as important as that of the scientists.  If you have a dog diagnosed with cancer and would like more information on providing samples for research, contact Dr. Breen’s research team at info@BreenLab.org

PCA Foundation Supports New Research on Bloat, Hemangiosarcoma and Leukemia:  In addition to ongoing studies, PCAF is now supporting three new AKC Canine Health Foundation research projects.  CHF has recently announced a major new initiative calling for research proposals aimed at putting an end to the horror of bloat and torsion.  In the battle against canine cancer, Dr. Jaime Modiano is leading a University of Minnesota team exploring ways to disrupt differentiation of cancer stem cells and prevent the spread of hemangiosarcoma.  At North Carolina State University, Dr. Matthew Breen and his colleagues are investigating canine leukemia, to better diagnose and treat the disease and potentially identify genes to target with new therapies.

Mini play

DNA Test Available for Miniature Poodle Dwarfism, December, 2012: Dr. Mark Neff and his colleagues at the Van Andel Research Institute have reported (online journal PLOS ONE, 12/26/12) that they have discovered the mutated gene that causes Miniature Poodle Dwarfism (osteochondrodysplasia) and developed a DNA test that allows breeders to avoid producing puppies with this deforming and crippling disorder. This project didn’t need PCAF funding, but dedicated Miniature Poodle breeders played a key role by ensuring that the researchers had enough samples to succeed.  For labs currently offering the DNA test for osteochondrodysplasia, check OFA’s site, www.offa.org/dna_alltest.html.   

Researchers Report Progress in Study of Chronic Hepatitis:  PCAF has received an encouraging reportfrom Colorado State University researchers studying chronic hepatitis in Standard Poodles, and the team is seeking additional samples.  For more info and how you can help, please see “Samples Needed.”

PCA Foundation Poodle Health Survey Results, August, 2012: We are pleased to be able to share with you all the data collected from the health survey PCAF conducted online and by mail for about a year and a half. The information collected is to serve as a guide in helping us better focus our efforts and limited funds where the need appears greatest.  Click to read results for Survey All Poodles, as well as Survey Toy Poodles, Survey Miniature Poodles, and Survey Standard Poodles broken out separately.

We had hoped to get information on 1,000 Poodles but we are very pleased with the data produced from the 848 Poodles we have.  By Variety there are 615 Standards, 142 Miniatures and 78 Toys (13 didn’t designate Variety).  PCAF wants to send a big “Thank You!” to everyone who took the time to participate.  

Genetic Comparison of Minis and Standards, June, 2012: For a surprise (or not!), check out fascinating new research findings that Miniature and Standard Poodles are genetically distinct. See study results here: Genetic Comparison of Minis and Standards.

Sebaceous Adenitis Update, May, 2012: Study leader Dr. Niels Pedersen has asked the Foundation to share his report on progress in the PCAF-funded Sebaceous Adenitis research.  To read about initial  results, click here:  SA Research Update.

Read about the 2011 PCA Foundation Seminar: Christopher Pachel, DVM, DACVB, a board certified veterinary behaviorist, had some surprises for his audience as he brought us up to date on factors shaping puppy temperament and the art of socializing our puppies, including the art of helping new owners build on their puppy’s good start.  For more on his talk, click here: Dr. Pachel Talk.

Vaccine Video for Affiliate Clubs Dr. Ronald Schultz graciously allowed PCAF to videotape his 2010 PCA Foundation Seminar,“What Everyone Needs to Know About Vaccines and Vaccination Programs.” To share this important (and clearly explained!) information, PCAF sent a free video to all PCA Affiliate Clubs for circulation among their members. 

The Poodle Club of America Foundation has for sale VWD kits at $75, NE kits at $55, the Standard Poodle Database at $55 and a combined Miniature/Toy Database at $55.  All prices include shipping.  Please contact Doris Grant at dorianregdca@aol.com or at 941-921-0539 Jan-April, then at 613-215-0313. These kits and databases are also available at the PCA National in April.

For a wealth of information about Poodles–the breed, the three varieties, finding a Poodle, Poodle health, Poodle clubs and events, Poodle rescue, PCA’s newsletter, etc.–go to www.poodleclubofamerica.orgTo connect with PCA on Facebook, click the Facebook link in the sidebar at right.


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