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Support the Poodle Club of America  Foundation with a tax-deductible donation.  It’s simple!  Just click here PCAF Donor Form or on the PCAF logo (to the right), download the form, print and mail.  Or purchase a video of a past PCAF seminar.  You can also buy Poodle pedigree databases and get national specialty health testing discounts while helping the PCA Foundation at the same time.  And something new in May, 2020: 

Poodle Note Cards Available as Fundraiser for PCAF Work:   PCAF Board member Tom Carneal had an idea for note cards featuring historic poodles, and we planned to make these available at our PCA table this year.  Here are the eight cards Tom has so far, and his print company did a beautiful job (at Tom’s own expense, as a PCAF donation).  Card and envelope come in a plastic protector, have dog names and a little info, plus art/photo credit (we got permissions), on the back.  They are $2.00 each or a special price of $12 for the complete set of eight.  You can send your order and a check written to the PCA Foundation to Tom at 25904 State Hwy. EE, Maryville, MO 64468.  Email:   Card scans:  Poodle Note Cards 1-4 Poodle Note Cards 5-8

PCA Video Productions

To provide opportunities for a wider audience to hear from experts, The Poodle Club of America and the PCA Foundation have videotaped as many Poodle presentations as possible.  While much has changed over the years in some fields, presentations involving the essence of our breed by Poodle legends such as Mrs. James Edward Clark (Annie!) will remain treasures forever.  Click here for the video order form: Video Order.

1 From the Whelping Box to the Show Ring 1996; A panel of three breeders discuss their methods in preparing a Poodle puppy for the show ring. Panelists are Mrs. Kadelia Hamilton, Miss Betsey Leedy and Mrs. Arlene Scardo. The panel is moderated by Mrs. Debbie Cozart. $20.00
2 Dr. Edmund Rosser on Sebaceous Adenitis with hyperkeratosis Dr Rosser is a speaker with a thorough knowledge of this alarming malady. n/a
4 1990 Dog Judges Assoc.: Presentation on the Poodle An exciting presentation on the Poodle from the judges perspective. Presented by Mr. Frank Sabella, and Mr. and Mrs. James E. Clark. $20.00
5 Dr. Elaine Robinson on pinpointing ovulation This videotape will be an exceptionally valuable tool in any serious breeding program. $20.00
6 Poodle Temperament Panel A discussion on improving Poodle temperament through the breeding program. Panelists Mrs. Joan Scott, Mrs. Pat Deshler, Mrs. Glenna Carlson and Mr. John Fowler, narrated by Mr. Del Dahl. $20.00
8 The Poodle Positive: A Judges Workshop Mr & Mrs. James E. Clark. You do not have to be a Judge or aspire to be one to gain a lot from this tape. $20.00
9 Update on Sebaceous Adenitis Dr. Robert W. Dunstan discusses the Research project to discover the mode of inheritance for Sebaceous Adenitis with Hyperkeratosis. n/a
10 Progressive Retinal Atrophy Dr. Gustavo Aguirre discusses PRA in Poodles. $20.00
12 Breeding a Great Poodle (2 tapes) Dr. George Padget speaks on Poodle traits; comparing in breeding to out crossing and line breeding; risk factor in picking up faults; calculating good and bad genes; helping each other with our breed; breeder and club responsibilities. $35.00
13 Poodle Type Dr. Jacklyn Hungerland & Mrs. James E. Clark discuss what makes a Poodle. $15.00
14 Aspects of Reproduction Dr. Edward Feldman discusses reproduction and the Poodle. $15.00
15 Poodles and their Hormones Dr. Edward Feldman discusses hormones and the Poodle. n/a
16 Hereditary Diseases in Poodles Dr. Fran Smith speaks on hereditary diseases in all varieties of Poodles – A breeder’s guide to genetic diseases. $15.00
17 Orthopedic Problems in Poodles Dr. E. A. Corley, OFA,discusses orthopedic problems of hips, stifles and elbows as they relate to all varieties of Poodles. $15.00
18 1995 PCA Seminars (2 tapes) Dr. David Bruyette, DVM, discusses clinical signs, diagnosis and treatment of hypothyroidism, Cushing’s and Addison’s diseases. n/a
19 1996 PCAF Seminars (2 tapes) Subjects: Becoming immunocompetent with Dr. Ann Hohenhaus; Genes for Canine Epilepsy with Dr. Barbara Licht; Bloat, a major killer of Poodles with Dr. Larry Glickman. n/a
20 Poodles Past, Present, and Future Miss Dorothy Macdonald relates charming stories about the history of dogs. n/a
21 Canine Male Reproduction Dr. Autumn Davidson discusses reproduction, semen collection & managing high risk delivery. $15.00
22 Successfully breeding the Infertile Bitch Dr. Elaine Robinson discusses breeding the infertile bitch. $15.00
23 1998 PCA Seminar: Pedigree Analysis Jerold Bell discusses pedigree analysis. $15.00
24 1998 PCA Seminar: Genetic Disease Analysis Jerold Bell discusses genetic disease analysis. $15.00
25 1999 PCA Seminar: Alternative Veterinary Medical Treatment Dr. George Carley discusses integrating the gentle arts of Acupuncture, Chinese medicine, and Nutrition into our poodle’s health protocols. n/a
26 2000 PCA Seminar (2 tapes) an International panel recaps famous 20th century poodles, and shares their hopes and concerns for the next century. n/a
27 2001 PCA Seminar: Breeding strategies Dr. John Armstrong and Dr.George Padgett Discuss “type” casting, establishing a line, role of DNA mapping in making breeding decisions. $20.00
28 2002 PCAF Seminar: Which Puppy to Keep Mrs. Pat Hastings leads us in an interactive seminar in solving the puzzle of which puppy to keep. $20.00
29 2002 PCAF Seminar: Update on Skin & Coat of the Poodle Dr. Robert Dunsten, Texas A & M University, presents a Prelude to a new study of Sebaceous Adenitis in Poodles. $20.00
30 2003 PCAF Seminar: Raising the Show Puppy Mrs. James Edward Clark leads a panel of prominent poodle breeders who express their views on the successful raising of a show puppy. $20.00
31 2004 PCAF Seminar: Practical Genetics for Poodle Breeders Dr. Gerald Bell discusses how breeders should use the advances in dog genome research in making breeding decisions. $20.00
32 2005 Anne Clark on Poodle Pedigrees Mrs. Clark discusses various aspects of Poodles and their Pedigree. $22.00
US Postage included. For foreign postage, add $3 US per tape.

Poodle Pedigree Databases Available

Hundreds of thousands of Poodles worldwide are listed in these premier reference databases you can install on your own computer.  At the touch of a button, find any dog, up to 15 generations, various styles of printed pedigree, pre-calculated COIs, relationship coefficients, etc. etc.  Two databases and instructions are available: Standard Poodles and Miniature/Toy Poodles.  Many thanks to Lynn Brucker for her ongoing work on these valuable breeder tools.  They are available from PCAF at no charge, but of course donations are always welcome to support the Foundation’s work.