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About the PCA Foundation

The Poodle Club of America Foundation Inc. was incorporated as a non-profit charitable organization in 1989 in the State of Minnesota as a 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt company. As with other 501 (c)(3) foundations, PCAF’s annual IRS filings are available to the public and can be found online.  The PCAF Board of Directors are all volunteers, and No PCAF donations are spent on administration.  In keeping with its dedication to the future of Poodles, PCAF is operated exclusively for charitable, scientific and educational purposes.  While PCAF and the Poodle Club of America are separate organizations, we are partners and support each other’s missions.  Among PCAF goals:

  1. To foster and promote the public’s knowledge and appreciation of dogs in general and Poodles in particular;
  2. To further understanding of the diseases, genetic anomalies and injuries that affect dogs in general and Poodles in particular;
  3. To support and promote study of and research on the character, history, genetics, breeding and related characteristics that establish the Poodle as a distinct breed of dog;
  4. To establish a database/library of educational and resource materials on the Poodle;
  5. To develop and make available to the general public and the Fancy information about the proper care, treatment, breeding, health, development and training of Poodles.

Since its inception, PCAF has funded well over $700,000 in research grants to fight health problems common in Poodles and other dogs and to identify genetic causes of Poodle disease. Advances resulting from PCAF-funded studies have included new DNA tests that allow breeders to avoid the devastating genetic diseases neonatal encephalopathy and prcd-progressive retinal atrophy.  PCAF contributes funding to many AKC Canine Health Foundation-sponsored projects with the potential to benefit Poodles, such as the current CHF Epilepsy Research Initiative and the CHF Bloat Initiative aimed at ending the toll of bloat and torsion.  Much of the funding we donate goes directly to universities and other institutions for studies of specific disorders in Poodles.  Please see our Home and Samples Needed pages for news on projects we fund.  Exciting Poodle-health research is under way!

The recent (Thanks to all who participated!) PCAF Poodle Health Survey drew responses for 848 dogs and will help us focus our future efforts on areas of greatest need.

Every year at the Poodle Club of America National Specialty show, PCAF presents a free seminar offering education on topics such as health issues, breeding strategies, training, structural soundness in dogs, and Poodle wisdom from revered authorities like the late Mrs. James Edward Clark. When possible, these sessions are videotaped.  Click on the “Seminars” and “Support PCAF” tabs for more information and to order videos of past seminars.  PCAF sent a free video of the 2010 session “What Everyone Needs to Know About Vaccines and Vaccination Programs” to all PCA Affiliate Clubs for circulation among their members. 

At the PCA National, PCAF also offers health screenings, generally at a special PCA discount.

Of course, all of this is only made possible through the generosity of our donors and the volunteers who keep things running smoothly during our events.

Members of the PCAF Board of Directors are:
OPEN, President
Tom Carneal, Vice-President 
Mark Waldrop, Secretary
John Shoemaker, Treasurer
Ray Stevens, Toy Representative
Jordan Chamberlain, Miniature Representative
Doris Grant, Standard Representative
Linda Campbell, Member at Large
Dorothy “Dee” Olson, Member at Large
Christi McDonald, Member at Large

You can reach us at

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